Providing women with professional clothing, accessories, shoes, a new hairstyle, with resume writing and job interview skills. Every woman will be well prepared to succeed in finding the right job.
1HEALTH AND FITNESS PROGRAM:Designed to help women get back on track to improve her health, and feel better about herself. Including yoga, walking groups and exercise programs.
1SUPPORT PHONE LINE:Phone service will be available for women needing to connect with other women regarding emotional needs.
1HELP & RESOURCE CENTER: The center will help with health issues, utility bills, food, clothing, and professional and lay counseling.
1SUPPORT GROUPS: We have several support groups to meet every woman's needs, Single moms, Life Changes, Girl Talk, Teen Talk, Never Give up, Made to Crave series and Group Therapy Classes.
1MENTORING AND MINISTERING CENTER: We will provide women the love and compassion needed to turn their lives around. Ministers, lay counselors, teachers, social workers and mentors will be available.Classes such as Grief Share, Divorce Care, Lonely Hearts, Depression and other support groups will be offered.
1THE QUIET PLACE: The center is equipped with a special room for women to relax and enjoy peace and quiet. Women need alone time!!! Christian resources such as books, cd's, dvd's and special help material are available.
1LIBRARY: Library offering christian books,
cds, dvd's to be checked out or enjoyed at the center.
1DAYTIME SHELTER: We will provide a safe daytime shelter for women who are in need of a place to stay to keep cool in the summer, warm in the winter and help them find shelter in the long term.
1THE GATHERING PLACE: A special room to have activities, fellowship, talk time and make new friends.